February 07, 2019



Great review from USA,michigan on Ulya Beauty Intensive Age Defence serum..

They are in the middle of winter. Super syiok... And she is facing major dry skin.. Finelines and also puffy eyes..Our Serum helps her solve her skin issue..

As promised, Using Ulya regularly will:
• Lift Your Saggy Face and Neck Skin
• Erase Wrinkles and Fine Lines
• Fades Crow’s Feet and Creases on the Forehead
• Fades Dark Circles
• Conceals Under Eye Bags 
• Erase Stubborn Scars Like Chicken Pox/ Acne/Dark Spot/Pigmentation 
• Make Your Skin Smooth, Tight, and Supple
• Shrink Large Pores
• Lifts Droopy Eyebrows
• Controls Acne Appearance and Reduce Inflammation
• Cut Up To 10 Years Off Your Facial Appearance.

Ulya Serum is formulated with natural skin foods that pamper the skin while warding off aging intruders.

Product of Singapore. 
HSA notified. 
No harsh chemical/fillers..
100% Natural ingredients..

Message us now to order for your first bottle of this serum.



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