Tip #10: Beauty Uses For Lemons

Tip #10: Beauty Uses For Lemons

April 06, 2019

Tip #10: Beauty Uses for Lemons

Lemons also play a vital part in our beauty routines as they have so many natural benefits. They are a great source of calcium, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium; all of which help improve the look and condition of our skin, hair, and nails. Here are 7 beauty uses for lemon.

1. Clarifying moisturizer:
Mix a few drops of lemon juice and coconut water. The coconut will hydrate your skin, and lemon will clear and improve it.

2. Elbow and knee bleacher:
If your elbows and knees look dark, simply rub them with half of a lemon. It’s like magic!

3. Blackhead treatment:
It might sound too good to be true, but because lemons are antibacterial, they can help treat acne. Just slice a lemon, and squash the juice on your face. Your blackheads will start to disappear before you know it.

4. Teeth whitener:
Mix lemon juice and baking soda, and apply it to your teeth with a clean Q-tip. Then, use your toothbrush to brush your teeth and rinse. It is way inexpensive than going to your dentist's office.

5. Skin brightener:
Lemons are rich in citric acid and vitamin C and so they can help brighten and lighten your skin when used over time. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals and improving collagen production.

6. Nail strengthener:
Make a mixture of olive oil with lemon juice, and immerse your nails. This is a good practice if your nails are dry and hard, but it's also a great way to help fix nails that have yellowed.

7. Cleansing wipes:
Mix a couple drops of lemon and tea tree essential oil in about 6 ounces of cleaned water. Use it as a toner or use with cotton pads as a cleansing wipe for problematic skin.

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