Tip #16: Skin purging after using a new serum/skincare product

Tip #16: Skin purging after using a new serum/skincare product

April 16, 2019

Tip #16: Skin purging after using a new serum/skincare product

When you add a new product to the skin care routine you will not always see the desired effect instantly, if this happens you may be going through a process called skin purging.

Is the skin purging good?

This process is excellent since it is a stage of adjustment of the skin in which it gets worse before improving.

The process of "purging" occurs because the products and treatments applied to the skin, in this case, the serum produce the acceleration of the formation of pimples. The pimples are not born when they are already on the surface of the skin with a red and inflamed appearance, they start as a clogged pore in the depth of the layers of your skin.

As you start using a new facial serum, the dead skin cells are removed and help to dissolve the sebum that is accumulated in the pores of the skin that rise to the surface and be visible.

This process usually takes several weeks (normal cell renewal is about 28 days for young skin and up to 8 weeks for more mature skin).

If you are using a serum that accelerates cell renewal, this makes the pimples appear on the surface of the skin, this can be alarming for anyone since you will see a lot of pimples that appear all at the same time.

If you continue using the facial serum and what is happening on your skin is a "purge" process (lasts approximately 2 months), you should start to see wonderful changes in your skin in a period of 4-6 weeks.

So, is there a way to know if your skin is purging?

• They are generally products that stimulate cell renewal such as:

- Hydroxy acids (AHA, BHA, and PHA) and fruit acids.
- Enzyme treatments.
- Retinoids.
- Vitamin C treatments
- Chemical peels.
- Microdermabrasion.
- Laser rejuvenation treatments.

• The purge occurs where your usual acne breakouts usually appear (front, cheeks, and chin).

• The purge process is not permanent, its duration is only 2 months.

If you are going through the purge stage and want to minimize the reaction, you can use a smaller amount of facial serum, apply the product for less time and gradually increase the application/quantity/ dose time.

Excellent advice is that when going through the skin purging process you should keep the skin hydrated, perform a daily facial routine twice a day, protect the skin with a moisturizer and use sunscreen. After a few weeks, your skin will be ready to look smooth and luminous.

And if it is an allergic reaction?

It can occur if the facial serum for skin care you are using contains an ingredient that causes damage to your skin. The characteristics so that you can define that your skin is suffering an allergic or hypersensitive reaction are:

- Red and painful face areas.
- The skin of the face looks tense and itchy.
- Dry and burning skin.
- If the acne outbreak continues or has worsened over a period of more than 2 months.

When having these signs, stop using the facial serum or the products of your daily facial routine since some of them can produce as a consequence more complications to your skin (increases sensitivity, acne outbreak, dark spots, and discomfort in your skin) consult with a specialist or dermatologist.

However, if you are using a product that does not have any type of acid and does not contain any of the ingredients mentioned above that can produce skin purging, you may be having an allergic or hypersensitivity reaction to an ingredient that contains the facial serum or product of skin care.

Skin purging and rupture

It is important to mention that you can have skin purging and a break at the same time. This occurs when products that produce cell renewal are used together, for example, salicylic acid with a retinoid, both are strong and irritating to the skin, so products that induce cell renewal should always be applied under the supervision of a professional that the skin is treated in the proper way. The indicated in these cases is to remove 1 or both assets to know which could cause the purge or rupture.

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