Tip #4: Face Serums: Yes or No?

Tip #4: Face Serums: Yes or No?

March 20, 2019

Tip #4:

Face Serums: Yes or No?

Serums, creams, lotions, moisturizers, we can go on and on. All these products just for a clear face?

You may be one of those who would ignore the serum you see at the cosmetics shop and just pick your cleanser, moisturizer, and face cream. However, before you totally write off face serums, here is why you should probably add it to your beauty box.

Facial serums are very light moisturizers that contain high concentrations of active ingredients such as collagen, antioxidants, and vitamins. Face serums deeply penetrate through the surface of the skin to renew its appearance in a short time.

The many benefits of face serums go above and beyond other skin products. Some people think you don’t need to use a serum if you already have a moisturizer. This is wrong. You need both.

Here are the beauty benefits of face serums:

Increased Collagen Production
The skin can start losing collagen when we’re as young as 30, speeding up the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.
Whether you want to prevent this premature aging or you want to reverse them, you should invest in a face serum that contains collagen or collagen boosting ingredients such as vitamin C.

Lessens the Appearance of Circles Under the Eyes
Battling with dark circles under your eyes? A good facial serum will help brighten that stressed, overworked appearance. Buy a brightening, regenerating formula face serum for the under eye area and an even complexion.

Delivers Fast Results
Face serums are formulated to deliver results quickly. The speed of the results, however, depends on the quality of your serum. So, you should invest in a serums of high quality.

Keeps Skin Young Looking
Serums release a high concentration of natural ingredients that pack a lot, so using it will make you will look younger and your skin will glow.

Evens Out Skintone
A lot of people have skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation, which are often caused by constant UV exposure. Although applying sunscreen can help prevent more spots from showing up, it can’t remove the damage done to the skin. A good face serum will penetrate the surface of your skin in ways your regular products can't.

How to Apply Facial Serum
Wash your face and apply your face serum twice daily. Once when you wake up in the morning and another time before you go to bed.

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