Intense Detox Mask


(Net: 25g) 

Turns powder into a rubbery paste when mixed with water. Applied with a generous layer, it will dry on skin and peeled off easily leaving skin fresh and more radiant. Perfect for all skin types.

Comes in three 'flavors' Pomegranate, Peppermint and Collagen. Make sure u don't eat it!

➡ Peppermint: Soothes, Anti-Acne Solution, Repair

➡ Collagen: Firming, Anti-Aging, Hydrating (SOLD OUT)

➡ Pomegranate: Brightening, Anti-Pollution, Revitalising

✔Pour mask powder first in a bowl with water enough to make into a paste. You can pour half first if you feel its too much.
✔ Mix with a spatula until a paste is obtained without lumps.
✔ Quickly apply the mask in a thick layer and leave it for 20 mins or until dry.
✔When dry, remove the mask by gently peeling it off.
✔Use our Makeup Remover Pad to remove any residues.
✔ Apply Face Plumping Mist and Serum after masking.

Instock! Buy more for your friends and family members. 
While staying indoors, let's have a MASKING PARTY, to unwind and relax our skin.
PM to try our Intense Detox Mask today.

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